We, ENG are launching an international project in support of the Stop Asian Hate movement.

This project sits within our cultural programming with the goal of connecting Chinese overseas and international communities together with our domestic audience to further discourse and sharing of experiences in both directions.

With the launch of this project, we create an industry first in support of the Stop Asian Hate movement, raising awareness internationally whilst importantly being active as a Chinese-owned and based business helping to educate a local audience on what is taking place within overseas diaspora communities.

In early February 2020, when China was heavily stricken by the COVID-19 outbreak,

We put up nearly 10k posters on every street of Paris and in local communities with a large group of Chinese residents as part of our efforts to show support for Chinese living overseas.

Those past few months, we have curated a series of exclusive T-shirts designed by Asian and non-Asian designers including Mugler, Rokh, Didu, Windowsen, MISBHV, Rombaut and Namilia all available on our e-commerce platform www.engconcept.com  with 100% of the profits going to Stop East and Southeast Asian Hate community fund launched by GoFundMe UK and supported by Gemma Chan, Susie Lau, Edward Enninful, among others.

Susie Lau also chairs a series of three podcasts discussing matters of prejudice and bias with participating designers shining a light on the experience of Asian creatives both at home and overseas. Episode 1 in conversation with Didu and Windowsen’s Sensen-Li explores their time studying in Antwerp, stereotypes within the education system, barriers created through different cultural creative approaches and methods, and the celebration and uplifting of these differences. Episode 2 in conversation with Rokh’s Rok Hwang and Kwaidan Editions’ Hung La explores the shared triumphs and struggles of Asian entrepreneurs, micro-aggressions, and navigating the intersectionality of Western and Eastern cultural influences. The final episode with Rombaut’s Mats Rombaut takes a European perspective on the issues and causes behind Stop Asian Hate and looks at this against the backdrop of other ongoing issues and concerns in the wider context of the fashion industry and society.

The project is supported by a campaign shot and creatively directed by Leslie Zhang’s Studio Fuwafuwa by Jiabin Shen and Equal Wang respectively.

Stylists, influencers, and personalities from the ENG community Mia Kong, Miss Ma, Wusongling, Lao Ying Jie, Wang Yuyan, Wenxin, and Hayato Sasaki showcasing the charity designer collaboration tees and styled by Tyler Wang, Koi Ning and assisted by Eric Shin.

Figures show a 179% increase in hate crime in London since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic with similar increases occurring throughout the country and world. The Stop Asian Hate ESEA Community GoFundMe UK hub was created to condemn hate and create lasting social change, with donations supporting organizations that empower and uplift the community. Thus far, the fund has raised £87,700 to date of their £100,000 goal and you can donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/support-esea-community




Shoot powered by ENG
Creative:Equal Wang
Photography:Jiabin Shen
Photography assistant:Evie Xu
Styling:Tyler Wang、Koi Ning
Styling assistant:Eric Shin
Exécutive producer : Charles Renard
Models : Mia Kong, Wusongling ,Miss Ma , Lao Ying Jie, Wang Yuyan, Wenxin, Hayato Sasaki






Susie Lau in conversation with Didu and Windowsen

Susie Lau in conversation with Kwaidan Edition and Rokh

Susie Lau in conversation with Rombaut


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