KUSIKOHC is one of many creative outlets for Cho Giseok, a polymathic practitioner who has found success in photography, creative direction, sculpting, drawing, and more. Rooted in messages of community, identity, and reinvention, KUSIKOHC is steadfast in its message: “Right to Fail,” an animating principle based in freedom of expression.
“I believe challenge and endeavour themselves have the power to change at least small parts of something, even if they get failed. Therefore, we have the Right to Fail.” — Cho Giseok
Scouted for the Dazed 100 and with his work appearing in the likes of Vogue Korea, Hypebeast, i-D and more, plus collaborations with brands including Prada and Converse, Giseok continues to explore the beauty and complexities of an altogether surreal world through his work.
With KUSIKOHC, he presents another avenue of inquiry; the newest dimension to the creative world he is always expanding and refining. Through ground-up compositions, in which he oversees everything from clothing and art direction to photography itself, Giseok has built a uniquely nuanced channel through which to transmit his interpretation of gritty and trend-defining culture.