A devotion to extensive research of history of club wear and desire to escape the shallowness of luxury have been at the forefront of M I S B H V design philosophy since its founding in 2015 by Natalia Maczek. Exploring the intersection of fashion and 90’s underground the Poland-based collective paint a landscape of ROUGHNESS, fun, NOSTALGIA and futurism in a subversive marriage of quiet nuance of luxury and philosophical frame of streetwear - striking a chord throughout the global underground. From critically acclaimed debut at Paris Fashion Week to releasing music on its namesake label M I S B H V is always moving at the forefront of change. Crafting its products in Europe from carefully selected Italian fabrics, close to home and heart, M I S B H V retains its unapologetic authenticity whilst looking towards the next. An array of club-ready engineered knitwear, futuristic but luxurious footwear and industrial leather bags stand alongside early 90s vegan leather tailoring and silk shirting weaving together a story of R E F I N E D EXTRAVAGANCE.