Greg Ross is personally responsible for some of the most conspicuous trends of the last five years, including oversized hoodies, super thrashed denim, hockey jersey tunics, baggy sweatpants and the general shift to a boxier shape.
Greg Ross is focused on color, texture, silhouette and shape. Colors pulled from dispersive inspirations and his surroundings, the duality of the sand dunes of California’s industrial zones and Akira and other epochal Anime moments. Natural worn in textures, washed out by the California sun, sustainably-minded in these increasingly artifice times. Greg Ross aims to upcycle and recycle as much as possible, not only for his environmentally and socially conscious positionality but to highlight that true wear and tear is as elegant as a “brand new” fetishistic object if shaped correctly. Greg Ross creates hard-bodied hypermasculine shapes broken down into highly feminine moments and playfully oscillates between the two colliding worlds.
Greg Ross presents active collections for those ready to be dressed and alert for accelerated racing life towards utopia or oblivion.