Rokh, London based fashion house, was founded by designer Rok Hwang. He was born in Seoul raised in Austin and moved to London and showing in Paris.
Before establishing his own aesthetic in 2017; Rok graduated from BA and MA in Central Saint Martins, soon after success of his award-winning MA collection, Rok became R-T-W designer from the eminent fashion house, Céline under head of house Phoebe Philo. Followed by Chloe and Louis Vuitton.
In 2018, rokh was special prize winner of prestige LVMH award 2018 edition and soon after rokh debut his first show by opening Paris fashion week in 2019.
Since the first collection, in less than a year time, rokh has obtained over 100 stockists internationally with high creditable stores and department stores.
Also rokh was selected for BoF 500 for the people shaping the global fashion in 2019.
Rokh is conceptual art form of fashion with documenting youth cultures.
Mixing masculine elements with raw and avant-garde elements of women’s wardrobe.
Custom creation on each individual style and items with focus on artisan craft and prints. Giving unique touch and reconstruction on every elements of creation.
Core of the creation and universe for both aesthetic and clothes themselves are perfectly done imperfection attitude, unfinished raw mood and most importantly capturing individual uniqueness of adolescent youth and cultures around.
Rokh focuses and studies youth elements and elevate into art form of fashion by mixing art, music, craft, performance, images and photography. Mixing these elements with constant research on shapes, materials, fabric with understanding of modern wardrobe and expanding the language of fashion by engaging individual take on culture around us.


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