Magliano is one of the most prominent names of Milan’s fashion landscape, with his eponymous label representing an uprising, internationally recognized brand synonymous to the expression of countercultural phenomena.
Winner of the 2017 edition of “Vogue - Who’s On Next?”, Magliano transforms his personal project into an out-and-out fashion label, debuting with a first show at Pitti Immagine Uomo in 2018. The collection is very well received and catches the attention on an international level. In 2019 Luca Magliano is appointed as the Creative Director of Italian luxury house Grifoni.
Growing up in Bologna, home of Italian underground and cultural ferment, plays a central role in Magliano’s background. The years spent in the “centri sociali” and a severe “gay education” from older LGBTQI+ generations lead the designer to develop a strong connection with ethics and aesthetics, as well as a natural commitment to social themes and veiled references in each collection. The use of humor and at times a level of ridiculousness are the brand’s political weapons to point out relevant matters.


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