Hello, we are ENG.

If you asked us to define what we stand for, our name says it all: ENG, for “Explore. Navigate. Generate.”


In three words, that’s the whole philosophy behind what we are trying to do through our spaces, whether physical or digital. 


Exploring is where it all starts. 


Our curiosity is what drove us to offer a selection of brands out of the ordinary, items that look beyond conventional fashion.


Today, our generation does not want to be consuming passively. We want to be involved, to authentically experience art and cultures where we are, as we are. We want to find people who share the same goal. We want to have a life that is a path of discovery through art, music and where fashion is a way of expressing our true self.


Then navigate. 


At ENG, we aim to provide a fashion-oriented lifestyle, by creating a go-to destination in everyday life – with our retail spaces, but also through our digital presence across social media and through highly curated events – as a way to encourage reflection on oneself, on cultures and on life as a whole.


To us, culture and cultures are essential. For the former, art, music and performance. For the latter, movements, attitudes and perspectives. 


Within the arts, there are no boundaries.


From our launch in 2019, with the “Paradisite 2035” opening ceremony that expressed a possible future at the intersection of humanity and technology, we have hosted more than 20 cultural events.


From Mugler to Mr. RIN, from BFRND to Vogueing Shanghai, we cut a cross-section of what is happening now in creation – with a virtual stop in Paris, where we masterminded the “Virus don’t discriminate, humans do” wild postering to contribute to the fight against the injustice and #StopAsianHate.  


Month after month, we tap photographers, designers, artists, musicials because this cultural process is essential can cannot be dissociated from the identity of ENG as a platform of exploration and experiments.


And finally, generate.


We lead the trends, because we create the trends together. One core value is the idea that fashion is not for the few: it’s for everyone, and everyone should be able to wear, share and make their own. 


You, our customers, are invited to share the values on underground cultures, arts, music and science & technologies in your own community.


So who are we? 


More than retail, ENG is a stage for the interplay between fashion and culture, a place to share values and ideals, a moment to discover what is coming next with a community of like-minded souls. 


ENG is a vision of the future, beyond retail and straight into the heart of culture.